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23-Hydroxybetulinic acid

23-Hydroxybetulinic acid



规  格:HPLC≥98%


English Name:23-Hydroxybetulinic acid
English alias:Anemosapoginin; 23-HYDROXYBETULINIC ACID; 3β, 23-Dihydroxylup-20(29)-en-28-
oic acid; 3beta,23-Dihydroxylup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid
CAS No.:85999-40-2
Molecular Formula:C30H48O4
Molecular Weight:472.71
Molecular structure:

Appearance:White crystalline powder
Identification method:Mass, NMR
Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD
Extraction Source:Platanus acerifolia
Usage:For the determination and identification, pharmacological experiments.
Storage:4℃ Refrigerated, sealed, dark.
Expiration:2 years
Package:20mg, 50mg, 100mg, 1g, 10g, 100g... The company can provide a large number of high-purity 23-Hydroxybetulinic acid according to customer requirements.
Pharmacological effect:Antitumor
Quality certificates and identification reports will go along with the goods. Our company has a R & D team composed by experienced natural products chemist and plant taxonomists, and specialized in the extraction and separation of chemical composition from herbs. The company is major in producing high purity natural products suitable of pharmacological screening or structural modification for customs who are engaged in new drug research and development. We can also provide bulk level (kg) customization services. The strict production process and perfect quality control standards ensure product quality and stability, comprehensive inventory and supply system make all products being in stock.
Quality commitment:If the product has quality problems, returns and replacement for any reason will be accepted.


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